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Young Gums: Baby Food with an Attitude

Young Gums: Baby Food with an Attitude

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Many new parents find the idea of weening their precious new arrival rather terrifying. Should I do baby led weening, should I spoon food nothing but puree, how much salt can my baby have? This is where Young Gums: Baby Food with Attitude, comes to the rescue. It sets out to demystify the conflicting advice that many new parents receive about how and when to teach their babies to eat.

The book is jam packed with 60 recipes accompanied by a raft of nutritionist-backed advice, principles and tips (including a weaning timeline, shopping lists and equipment recommendations). The author, Beth Bentley, uses expertise and the international vibe of the area where she lives (London Fields, Hackney) to inspire and empower parents to create interesting, delicious and varied baby meals easily, quickly and cheaply. 

Hardcover, 192
17.1 x 1.9 x 22.9 cm

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