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Yoto Mini Player 2024 Edition

Yoto Mini Player 2024 Edition

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Give kids the freedom to explore their imaginations as they explore their world. Because when imagination strikes, adventure awaits.

Take the best audio on all your family outings. Yoto Mini’s size and all-day battery make it perfect for road trips, flights and play dates.

Get personal with headphones or start a party with size-defying sound. With Yoto Mini, kids are free to listen how they like.

Includes a USB-C cable, a quick start guide and a welcome card.   The Yoto Mini Player is a carefully connected screen-free speaker made for children. It's controlled with physical cards, playing only the audio content you want them to listen to. There are no camera, no microphone, no screen and no ads. Cards also play direct from your mobile app.

You can also get the Yoto Mini Adventure Jackets to protect you Mini Yoto.

Yoto Player comes with a welcome card to let you know about all the great things you can do with your player, a quick start guide and a charging dock. The cards are sold separately.    

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