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Petra Boase

Water Soluble Embroidery Paper

Water Soluble Embroidery Paper

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Create your own hand embroidered motifs with the help of this easy to use Embroidery Paper. This is a great store addition if you are stocking The Magic Stitch Kit.
SIZE :A4 x 2 sheets

How it Works:
-Trace or draw your design onto the rough textured side of the paper with a pencil or fabric marker.
-Allow 5mm around the design and cut it out.
-Peel off the backing paper and attach it to the fabric you are embroidering onto.
-Hand or machine stitch over the marked lines with your chosen threads and method.
-Wash away the Embroidery paper with cold water and a sponge. Wash the fabric/garment as per instructions to soften

Packed in a clear compostable bag

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