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UOL Rose Oud Candle - Triple Wick 730g

UOL Rose Oud Candle - Triple Wick 730g

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Floral rose blends with smoky arabian oud, clove and praline. This complex and luxurious combination creates a soft, rich and uplifting fragrance.

This unique hand poured soy wax candle uses quality fragrances and essential oils for a clean burn. Our wide cotton wick creates a broad flame, generating a great scent throw and an even pool of wax.

Weight: 730g, 25.7oz
Size: H12cm x W12cm
Material: Soy Wax
Burn Time: +50hrs
Care: Keep wick trimmed
Votive: Gloss black glass
Origin: UK
Free from: Petroleum, Phthalates & Preservatives

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