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ST-Type Toolbox - Yellow

ST-Type Toolbox - Yellow

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When I was young, I was into Airfix models. Really into them. Toy soldiers too; in fact, all that stuff. Humbrol enamel (Khaki Drill No.72 was always my favourite), white spirits, modelling glue - aah, happy days. Then I got a bit older, and flirted briefly with coarse fishing, back in the not-so-good old days with real lead weights and hooks with barbs on them. After that, off I went to London as a budding art student: paint brushes, Stanley knife and glue gun at the ready. A happy childhood, but how different – and better organised – it could have been, with a cantilevering ST-Type Tool Box by my side!

Holds all sorts of things. The metal dividers in the top trays can be configured in various ways, or removed completely, to customise your box.


  • 2.4kg
  • Steel
  • Made in Osaka, Japan
  • The main (bottom) compartment is 10cm deep, 33cm long and 15cm wide. The top trays are each 4cm deep (or 5cm closest to the apex of the box), 33cm long and 7cm wide
  • ニワキ stamped on the side is the katakana for Niwaki


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