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Rachel Entwistle

Tria Prima Mini Hoop Earrings Gold Vermeil - Murcury

Tria Prima Mini Hoop Earrings Gold Vermeil - Murcury

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According to Renaissance alchemists, all material substances are made up of the “Tria Prima” or Three Primes: mercury (spirit), salt (body) and sulphur (soul).
It was thought that when the Primes were in balance, the body would be healthy and disease-free. These Primes also made up the alchemists’ most cherished prize - the
Philosopher’s Stone. A stone that was thought to transform any base metal into gold or silver, acting as an elixir of life and immortality.

Rachel has created three silver bracelets, each of which is inspired by the Tria Prima:

Mercury: To the Renaissance alchemists, mercury’s volatility made it the agent of
transformation, representing the transmutation of spirit. Wear the mercury symbol bracelet
to spread your wings and fly.
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