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Rachel Entwistle

Rays of Light Mini Bracelet Turquoise Silver

Rays of Light Mini Bracelet Turquoise Silver

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The eye is a powerful protective symbol, handed down through the ages, across countries and cultures. The practice of wearing evil eye necklaces and jewellery to ward off the evil eye (the glare of anger, jealousy and hatred) dates back thousands of years - to Plato and classical Greek antiquity. 

Rachel's Rays of Light Turquoise chain Bracelet draws on this symbolism depicting an eye surrounded by rays of light, representing the all-seeing protective eye of a higher power watching over humanity. Turquoise is believed to offer protection and elevate mental fog and anxiety as well as having calming properties and promoting clear communication. 

This Mojave turquoise fine chain bracelet is a perfect everyday piece of jewellery and companion for your summer adventures. Wear it layered or paired back for a more minimal look

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