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Palm Of Feronia

Palm Of Feronia Terra Mari Polish

Palm Of Feronia Terra Mari Polish

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A blend of minerals and plant extracts from land and sea - this exfoliating mask combines a gentle kaolin base, with a careful blend of nutrient rich-actives designed to polish skin.

Vitamin C from orange peel helps to add a natural glow, whilst antioxidant spirulina - rich in iron and B vitamins - offer naturally regenerative properties. A gentle resurfacing texture is achieved through skin-soothing bamboo and nourishing rosehip, a fruit that has been used across ancient Egypt, the Romans, within Chinese medicine, and into the medieval period for its healing properties.

A key ingredient of the Terra Mari Polish is a fermented copper extract, a micronutrient essential for healthy collagen and elastin levels in order to keep skin supple and revitalised.

A two-in-one product, this mask works both as an exfoliant and regenerating mask.

Blended by hand on the full moon. Our larger jar will provide around 10-12 full face masks and the smaller will provide around 3, depending on how thick you like to apply.

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