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Boutique Workshop

Large Lavender Therapy Pillow - Mustard & Pink Gingham

Large Lavender Therapy Pillow - Mustard & Pink Gingham

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Linen Multi Use Lavender Therapy Pillow.

Made from gorgeous yarn dyed linens by Merchant and Mills, these soothing pillowshave been handmade in our London store. 

Use hot or cold to treat aches, pains or swelling. Simply heat carefully in the microwave to use hot and apply to affected area to soothe aching muscles. Also makes a great alternative to a hot water bottle. To use cold, cool in the freezer and use as a cold pack treatment to reduce swelling.

  • Brand: Botanique Workshop
  • Material: 100% linen and lavender oil infused grains
  • Dimensions: 25cm x 14cm
  • Available in 4 beautiful linens
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