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Speed L All Weather Adult Sunglasses - Black

Speed L All Weather Adult Sunglasses - Black

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The sun emits visible and invisible electromagnetic waves. The most harmful invisible rays are ultraviolet rays (UV) and are dangerous even on cloudy days: clouds absorb only 10% of them.

Sunglasses cat. 3, VLT 16%

SPEED will protect your eyes in all weather conditions with its grey 100% UV category 3 lens specially designed to ensure natural colours are maintained in all weather conditions. SPEED is also available with vermilion lenses for low light conditions and brown lenses for sunnier days.

Wraparound lens
SPEED's wrap-around frame provides protection from wind generated speed and also from branches that may be in your way.

Wide Field of Vision
The wrap-around frame provides a wide field of vision and enhanced peripheral vision to ensure optimal reflexes and improve your sports performance.

Bio-sourced material
SPEED's frame is made of 45% organic sourced polyamide with castor oil. Two sizes:
  • Small: head circumference from 51 to 56
  • Large: head circumference from 56 to 62
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