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HotTea Mama Over The Moon Menstruation Tea

HotTea Mama Over The Moon Menstruation Tea

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Premenstrual stress and tension, irregular periods and conditions linked to fertility, like endometriosis and PCOS, can be a monthly challenge for many women. Over The Moon tea aims to naturally help and support your body with these challenges posed by menstruation.

Select herbs have been used traditionally for millennia to help women soothe cramps, reduce bloating, regulate hormones, improve sleep and regulate periods. Their natural benefits come with delicious flavours, to create a hug in a mug. We’ve selected whole leaves and flowers, to blend a soothing cuppa.

With raspberry leaf, chamomile flowers, ginkgo, spearmint, dandelion root and rose petals. Each targeted to support your body on it’s monthly cycle, and to offer you support when you need it.

Drink throughout the month for the most benefit, as the active elements of the botanicals which link to strengthening your uterine muscles will benefit most this way. 


Each pack contains 15 whole leaf, plastic free, biodegradable tea pyramids.

They can be used to make 60 cups of tea or more.

All teas are vegan and gluten free.

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