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Deliciously Healthy Pregnancy

Deliciously Healthy Pregnancy

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Understand the science and the impact your diet can have on pregnancy, and prepare for all the stages with practical advice and recipes from a leading nutritionist.

After falling pregnant with her first child, Rhiannon Lambert realized there was a vacuum
of information available from nutritional experts, like herself, to guide her through her pregnancy. 
The only information that is easily accessible is from a variety of conflicting internet sources with a wide range of credibility attached to them. Apart from the consistent and standard advice of don’t drink, don’t smoke and don’t put on too much weight there’s very little trustworthy information on nutrition for conception, pregnancy, and early motherhood. 

Written by a nutritionist specializing in pre-and postnatal nutritional care, Deliciously Healthy Pregnancy is the thoroughly researched and myth-busting antidote to a grey area that has previously been regarded as taboo.

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