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Rachel Entwistle

Tria Prima Bracelet - Sulphur

Tria Prima Bracelet - Sulphur

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According to Renaissance alchemists, all material substances are made up of the “Tria Prima” or Three Primes: mercury (spirit), salt (body) and sulphur (soul).
It was thought that when the Primes were in balance, the body would be healthy and disease-free. These Primes also made up the alchemists’ most cherished prize - the
Philosopher’s Stone. A stone that was thought to transform any base metal into gold or silver, acting as an elixir of life and immortality.

Sulphur: Considered a transforming essence, representing the soul of all material and living things, and associated with the power of the sun and nature. Wear the Sulphur symbol bracelet for soul-led adventures.

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