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She’s Lost Control

Cleansing Set

Cleansing Set

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Our Cleansing Set has been sustainably and responsibly sourced. We believe it’s important to practice cleanse burning as part of a mindful practice, respecting the traditions of indiginous communities, such as Native Americans.

Light the end of your sage and allow the initial black smoke to disperse, then gently waft the white smoke and aroma around your chosen space, with the conscious intent of cleansing. Our sage is responsibly harvested from a sustainable source in Mexico.

Use our Equadorian palo santo to call in positive energy. Its aroma is more gentle than sage so it's perfect to help you wind down and reset. Burn in a similar way to the sage and mindfully focus your mind on positive affirmations or intentions. Our palo santo is part of a reforestation project in Equador.

Selenite is the perfect stone to cleanse and purify your space. Use it to mindfully cleanse and re-energise your aura as part of your meditation practice.


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