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Mimi & Lula was founded in 2017 by Natasha Hodson and Nicola Byrne who both spent over a decade working with famous high street brands to create accessory ranges for grown-up girls. But when their own little girls came along, they quickly realised that the accessories available weren't varied enough to please their strong-minded daughters or to give parents enough fun options for dressing up their precious kids, so along came Mimi & Lula!

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Mimi & Lula Rainbow Glitter Wand
Mimi & Lula Butterscotch Heart Acetate Clips
Mimi & Lula Natural Rainbow Bright Clips
Mimi & Lula Wizard Hat
Mimi & Lula Enchanted Wand
Mimi & Lula Pom Pom Ponies Autumn Garden
Mimi & Lula Starstruck Stardust Clips
Mimi & Lula Lucia Nordic Star Alice Band
Mimi & Lula Witches Hat
Mimi & Lula Shooting Star Fireworks  Bag
Mimi & Lula Cute Cat Pencil Case
Mimi & Lula Caramel Tortoiseshell Resin Clips
Mimi & Lula Tortoiseshell Resin Clips
Mimi & Lula Celestial Pink Tutu
Mimi & Lula Gingham Bowtastic Hair Clip
Mimi & Lula Florence Ribbon Star Hair Clip
Mimi & Lula Lucia Stardust Clips
Mimi & Lula Butterscotch Heart  Bag
Mimi & Lula Caramel Tortoiseshell Resin Bulldog Clip
Mimi & Lula Olive Gingham Scrunchie Alice Band
Mimi & Lula Enchanted Mini Woodland  Clips
Mimi & Lula Stellar Mini Clips
Mimi & Lula Lucia Nordic Clips
Mimi & Lula Wise Owl Hair Clip
Mimi & Lula Enchanted  Butterfly Bag
Mimi & Lula Green Gingham Bow Hair Scrunchie
Mimi & Lula Gingham Bright Alice Band
Mimi & Lula Hello Summer Pencil Case
Mimi & Lula Knot Bando Head Band
Mimi & Lula Snow Queen Wand
Mimi & Lula Squirrel Friends Hair Clips
Mimi & Lula Night Sky Kid's Face Mask
Mimi & Lula Flower Power Grips Rainbow Bright
Mimi & Lula Leopard Wide Alice Band
Mimi & Lula Butterscotch Heart Clips
Mimi & Lula Tamara Twisted Alice Band
51 results
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