When Meri Meri first began 35 years ago, it was just Meredithe, her kitchen table, a bunch of cards and a huge pot of glitter. These days, she is lucky enough to work with an incredibly talented group of designers and artworkers in their Cheltenham studio.

"Our products take on a life of their own, embodying something simple and timeless. Childhood is sacred, imagination is freedom, and there is beauty in absolutely everything."

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Meri Meri Jeremy Crocodile
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Meri Meri Louie Sea Turtle Toy
Meri Meri Pink Soldier Costume 3/4y
Meri Meri Owl Costume 3/4y
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Meri Meri Fox Baby Booties And Bonnet Set
Meri Meri Stripe Ruffle Napkins Set Of 4
Meri Meri Superhero Dress Up Set
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Meri Meri Mushroom Basket
Meri Meri Fleece Bunny Dress Up Set
Meri Meri Jade Mermaid Doll
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Ratatam - Sequin Cosmic Cape
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Ratatam - Bird Costume
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Paper Garden Chandelier
Flowers In Bloom Giant Garland
Meri Meri Peach Daisy Booties
Meri Meri Mint Bunny Baby Booties
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Meri Meri Lion Baby Booties
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Meri Meri Rainbow Booties
Meri Meri Turtle Backpack
Meri Meri Bunny Booties Peach
Pastel Flower Paper Bonnets
Meri Meri Christmas Elf Bonnet
Meri Meri Evie Doll Necklace
Meri Meri Velvet Gingham Bow Bunny Headband
Meri Meri Embellished Gingham Bunny Headband
Meri Meri Heart Embroidery Kit
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Pompom Bunny Ears Dress Up
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Meri Meri Rainbow Pompom Headband
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Meri Meri Hanging Honeycomb Witches Hat Decorations
Meri Meri Mint Little Lion Bonnet
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Meri Meri Mint Little Bunny Bonnet
Meri Meri Birthday Garland
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Meri  Meri  Set Of 12 Enamel Wavy Hair Clips
Meri Meri Daisy Necklace
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Meri Meri Bunny And Daisy Bracelet
Meri Meri Gold Tinsel Chandelier
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83 results
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