Neighbourhood Botanicals Loyalties Roll On Deodorant


This is a strong and dependable natural deodorant to keep you fresh all day.

The innovative and harmonious approach uses minerals and plant extracts to combat sweat and odour from all angles.

Suitable for sensitive skin.
Aluminium, alcohol and baking soda free.
Roll-on emulsion / powder suspension.

1. Prevent 

First, magnesium oxide gently raises the skin’s surface PH to be inhospitable to bacteria. 

2. Reduce 

Astringent non-nano zinc oxide and witch hazel work together to kill bacteria, shrink pores and minimise wetness. 

3. Trap 

Enter zinc ricinoleate which has the pretty cool ability to encapsulate odorous particles. Bittering hops extract and clarifying essential oils further inhibit bacterial growth and provide odour-masking properties. 

4. Soothe 

With allantoin (from comfrey) and vitamin E keep your pits soft and happy.

No alcohol, no baking soda, no aluminium. 


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