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Mama Moon Supreme Abundance Intention Oil


Aloeswood adds potency to magical rituals, its scent sends out spiritual vibrations, helping you visualise how to make the most of your abilities & recourses. Patchouli draws love, wealth & sexual power. Anoint yourself, your crystals or any object that you want to bless with luck and charge with magical energy.

Each potion is a unique spell, carefully blended with the highest quality essential oils and most fragrant herbs. These special blends are to be used intentionally, since they can quickly raise your spiritual vibrations, whether you want to manifest money into your life, call in love or cleanse negative energy.Anoint yourself, your possessions, your crystals or any object that you want to charge with good vibes. Lovingly brewed in a protective circle blessed with positive energy, these potions are your magic tools for protecting yourself and your guarding spirits.

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