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Hottea Mama Final Push

Hottea Mama Final Push

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Raspberry leaf tea and Peppermint herbal infusion. Perfect for pregnant women in their third trimester.

It’s the final trimester and you are getting prepared to meet your little bundle fo joy. This blend of Raspberry Leaves sweetened by Peppermint from Hoteamama will give you a yummy version of raspberry leaf tea that has been used for millennia to prepare the body for labour. Perfect for pregnant women in their third trimester and for recovering post birth. It makes an ideal baby shower gift, something lovely that is just for the Mum to be.

Raspberry leaf is reputed to help prepare and strengthen your uterus for labour.  This is because of the high levels of vitamins and minerals that it contains.

*Only consume from 32 weeks of pregnancy onwards*

Each pack contains 15 whole leaf, biodegradable tea pyramids.  

They can be used to make 30 cups of tea or more.

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