Ferm Living Christmas Candle

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A few things get you in the holiday spirit as quickly as the festive scents of Christmas. 

In Denmark, a cherished tradition is the 'kalenderlys', or Christmas Calendar Candle. The idea is to burn it each day, counting down the days to Christmas. 

Ferm living has taken a modern approach this year and this candle has a chart on the front of the glass container, where you can cross off each day until Christmas Eve and once you have burned it all, you get a lovely glass jar for your knick-knacks or Christmas sweeties. (Wash thoroughly first!)

Size: Ø: 8 x H: 10 cm
Material: Glass with 25% palm oil and 75% soy wax with a cinnamon scent
Up to 50 hours burning time
WARNING: Make sure to extinguish the candle before it reaches the bottom of the glass. Never leave a candle out of sight.

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