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Elhee Set Of 2 Size 1 Medium Flow Teat


Pack of 2 – Size 1 Medium flow

Physiological and anti-colic Elhee teat, made of extra-soft silicone, has been developed to offer sensations close to breastfeeding. It adapts ideally to the shape of the baby’s palate and contributes to its good oral development. Its anti-colic system

The flow rates of the teats are indicated under the base of the teat (S = slow flow, M = medium flow, L = dense flow). The numbers on the bottom of the teat correspond to those of the production series and are not related to the size of the teat.

 Size: 0-6months

Designed to adapt as closely as possible to their needs, the teat size 1 medium flow (M) is ideal for infant milk or water.

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