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Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses Reversible Sail Boats Hat

Bobo Choses Reversible Sail Boats Hat

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100% cotton multicolor hat. Designed with reversible. Made in China


We are sensitive, caring and shy. We are not made for the spotlight, but shine under a different light. We are quiet because we are peaceful. Our eyes meet everyone else’s. We like making everyone around us comfortable. We enjoy our ears, so we listen more than we talk. We like to dress up in costumes and wear masks. We prefer the sea over the city. We make the world a gentler place. We live inside our shell. Our shyness is a character trait, not a flaw.


• There is a great variety of fabrics, weights and textures, both circular, knits, and woven.  

• There’s a wide variety of knitted fabrics as well as rustic jersey, rustic crepe,  waffle jersey and new fleece textures. In woven fabrics, we work with gabardine, cotton and linen vichy fabric, viscose, and linen. 

• We like to replace conventional materials with more sustainable ones that have a lower impact on both nature and human health. We used technical fabrics made with recycled polyamide for the outerwear and many of the accessories with recycled polyester. Denim fabric is 20% GRS certified recycled cotton.

• Knitwear is 100% cotton and comfortable to wear on a daily basis. 

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