LIEWOOD was founded in the summer of 2015 by Anne Marie Lie Nielsen with the aim of creating a unique kid's interior concept focusing on functionality, fine lines and simple details. Anne Marie has 15 years of experience in the fashion industry with design, sourcing and production for international retail brands. The DNA in LIEWOOD is a result of Anne Marie's passion for design, aesthetics and the belief that beauty lies in the detail. Being a mum of small children, Anne Marie is in sync with the demands of a modern family, an understanding that is the heart and soul of LIEWOOD.
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Liewood Cat Silicone Cups
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Liewood Dino Bath Toys Rose Mix
Liewood Dino Bath Toys Blue Mix
Liewood Knitted Bear Hat
Liewood Stego Dino Kitted Teddy
Liewood Brachio Dino Kitted Teddy
Liewood Agnete Cuddle Cloth Dino Blue
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Liewood Dino Mix Cape Bib
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Liewood Panda Baby Swaddle
Liewood Tricera Dino Kitted Teddy
Liewood Bamboo Set Blue Wave
Liewood Dino Bib
Liewood Cape Bib Panda Grey
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Liewood Water Bottle Faune Green
Liewood Dino Teether Cuddle Cloth Green
Liewood Backpack Cat Rose
Liewood Backpack Panda Grey
Liewood Dinosaur Hooded Towel
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Liewood Water Bottle Coral Blush
Liewood Wood Teether Car Blue Wave
Liewood Andrea Bib 2 Pack
Liewood Silicone Bucket Cat Mustard
Liewood Silicone Spade Cat Mustard
Liewood Ida Panda Hook
Liewood Vita Lunchbox Dumbo Grey
Liewood Vita Lunchbox Panda Rose
Liewood Gemma Teether Car Mustard
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Liewood Bamboo Box Set Tableware Dino
Liewood Agnete Cuddle Cloth Dino Green
Liewood Gemma Teether Dino Dumbo Grey
Liewood Adele Terry Baby Package Panda
Liewood Dino-Mix Washcloths
Liewood Cuddle Cloth Panda Creme de la Creme
Liewood Cat Dumbo Grey Night Light
Liewood Mommy Bag Leo Rose
Liewood Panda Leggings Stone Grey
73 results
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